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10 tips for off grid living

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10 tips for off grid living Empty 10 tips for off grid living

Post by Sonshine on Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:06 am

When most families look at the possibility of living off the grid most have no idea where to start. Our family wants you to succeed with your goal of a better life and these 10 tips are garnered from our 15 years of experience. Learn now how to save more money each year than you ever thought was possible.

Number one, where do you start?

Getting started first requires a piece of land, whether it is rural or urban does not matter, although rural living offers a few special possibilities for you. Consider, if you were able to find a piece of property that had no power line access, only a road to it. Can you imagine how little it would cost? That is what we did and figured we saved over $20,000, and that was years ago, today the savings by investing in a piece of rural land for off grid living is substantial.

Build your own house even? That option is a great way to save money on your housing costs. After working for years in the contracting business as a sub contractor I know that building a house may seem like a big project, but just break it down into pieces.

Living off the grid opens up all sorts of possibilities for food production too, from growing a few chickens to growing a bigger garden. This is one of the main ways we save money each year and grow healthier food for ourselves. You can too.

Don’t bother with spending thousands of dollars on expensive solar panels from the dealers either. You can build your own inexpensively and easily.

Ditto for wind generators, have you seen the price of these? Wow! Our own off grid living experience was greatly enhanced by learning how to build our own wind generator, producing free power for our home.

Work as a team, a family team that is…It is so important to have regular family meetings before and after you make your off grid move. It can get to be an overwhelming amount of work and confusion if you don’t assign regular duties for everyone. Remember you are your own power company and more, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work if you manage properly.

Set your power center, which includes your battery storage and monitoring equipment in a convenient place. This is a must. We have ours beside our main entry door in a little nook that we built and this way we can have a look every time we pass by.

Locate your renewable energy power sources in the most advantageous place. This means full sun for solar panels and the highest point on the property for your wind generator.

Always innovate with your system. There is constant improvement lately in technology and keeping up can be a real chore, so find a source of information you trust and stick with them.

Have fun. How good does it feel to take a Tuesday off and go shopping with your wife whenever you want? Living off the grid has given us freedom to do as we please in a World that sucks you into a system of debt and despair. What a relief to break the chains, there simply are no words for how good it feels to be finally free from the wage cycle.

There are certainly more reasons and tips we could provide for off grid living such as the possibilities of working at home, freeing yourself from that commute or even exploring that self employed or farming dream you have always toyed with.

Any family with a reasonable amount of energy can easily make it living of the grid today, and the incentives are truly monumental. We hope you enjoyed these 10 tips to off grid living, and we will providing you with even more advice and help in the weeks to come.

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He who cultivates his land will have plenty of food,
but from idle pursuits a man has his fill of poverty
Proverbs 28:19[b]

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