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Ordering bees

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Ordering bees Empty Ordering bees

Post by amybyrd21 on Thu May 21, 2009 11:54 pm

Ordering bees 05_10_22
box for the bees
Ordering bees 05_13_14
queen cage
Ordering bees 05_13_15
cork end of cage

When ordering bees you get a 3 lb package. That is around 10,000 bees in each package. They come with a can of syrup in them for the bees to eat on. They have two small pin holes in the bottom. They come with a queen cage. In the queen cge there is a queen and a few workers with her. The cage is sealed on each side with candy and a cork. When you place these bees in the hive you remove some of the frames and put the box down in there. You remove the wyrup, the queen cage and place the open box in there. You remove the cork from the queen cage and place her between some frames secured with a nail thru the wire hanging off the cage. They will release her by eating the candy. You have to check in three days to make sure they have. If they havent then you release her.

If you order them they come in the mail. Unless you order them from a bee keeper like we do. You have to pick them up. The post office sill not deliver them. It is nerve racking to ride any where with 10,000 bees in a wooden box. They make a lot of noise and if you get in an accident they can get out. We had a boxes in the trunck of our car (we went a very short distance) that we put them in to hold them up right.

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