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LOVE, where has it gone?????

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LOVE, where has it gone????? Empty LOVE, where has it gone?????

Post by harthur72 on Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:16 pm

My family and I found ourselves in a conversation about love last night. After 2 hours and us not being able to hold our eyes open any longer we decided to call it a night, but I woke up this morning and can't shake it.
"people" "churches" have taken the simplicity of GOD and turned it into rules, regulations, by-laws.... We have made such a mess of this thing. GOD is so simple. Anything in the word goes back to the one thing he wishes we would do LOVE!!!!! If we truly loved our spouses the way we should there would be a bond that NO ONE could break. IF we loved our children the way it was intended we would spend our days guiding them instead of turning them over to this world. If we loved our neighbor they wouldn't go hungry. IF we loved the homeless, hurting, disabled, widowed they would not feel alone. If we loved outside the 4 walls of our local congragation than we would spread the joy of the LORD to all and no to the church chosen.
We have come so far away from what GOD himself intended that IDK if we can find our way back. Just because I choose not to cuss, drink, drug and cheat does not assure me that I will make it to Heaven. It only means that I can refrain from that and still NOT love the way I should (strain a nat swollow a camel).
This country is over people running around with bible under arm and quoting scripture. Most sinners can do that! What this world needs, longs for, beggs for is for someone to stand up and actually LIVE the LOVE that is going to be what we are all judged for.
Help me takes the Love of GOD and apply it to my lie, others lives. I gotta make it. I gotta love more, I gotta get back to the simple things that I have not yet been able to enjoy in this life. I gotta slow down and do the ONE thing that answers all things LOVE......


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LOVE, where has it gone????? Empty Re: LOVE, where has it gone?????

Post by CountryGirl72 on Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:53 am

You are right.
Legalism has gotten to be the "big thing" or then there's no legalism, everything goes, no distinction between right and wrong.
A cousin of ours just had his wife of 18 years tell him that she did not love him any longer. She brought a son into the union that is now around 18, then they had a daughter that just turned 16, and a son that is around 9 now. What can you say to that? "I am sorry, I no longer love you..." UGH. But from what I understand this sort of thing has been going on for most if not all of the 18 years they have been together. She has issues. He "saved" her from an abusive relationship.
We do truly need to understand that there is faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is LOVE. Love thy neighbor as thyself, love God above all others, love your spouce, your children...
One good reason why we homeschool!

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