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Farmer hurt by sows

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Farmer hurt by sows Empty Farmer hurt by sows

Post by amybyrd21 Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:42 am

Got this email thru homestead hogs.

Just thought I put this out there. I know several people have cautioned about getting between a sow and her piglets. It seems like all the sows went after her:


Last Friday morning, while tending to her and Jim's recently farrowed sows, VICFA member ------- got between 4 sows and some piglets and the sows went after her. The sows broke both her arms, one with compound fractures in two places, and severing the artery and the nerve to the hand. She also suffered tusk wounds from other bites, some 3 and 4 inches deep, with heavy blood loss. --- managed to get away from the sows and over two low-fences-without the use of her arms or hands, and to the house. ---, who was inside paying bills, carried her to the car, laid her in the back seat and took her to the ER. The ER did preliminary work then Medi-Vac'ed her to Richmond Trauma where they performed 7 hours of surgery, including a transplanted artery that left her with good blood flow to her hand.

At the moment, --- is stabilized and her wounds are not life-threatening-her internal organs were not damaged and she is responsive. --- did not say what the ultimate prognosis from the nerve damage is.

Here is a nother take on the stituation:

have a lot of concern and sympathy for Jim and Deb, and I truly hope she will be OK. While this subject is up, we need to be careful while analyzing the circumstances. And under NO circumstances would I hesitate to eat a aggressive or mean dry sow or gilt.

Here we are discussing a recently farrowed sow, with piglets, and apparently with some failure in the farrowing huts or arks. Deb was apparently collecting dead piglets, which could mean 1 minute before she arrived a piglet was literally screaming its head off, as it was crushed. Sows could have already been jumpy and agitated. We won't know until we hear what Deb has to say.

I want us to be careful while evaluating these circumstances... Let's not confuse a "Bad attitude" pig with a "good maternal" instinct pig.

I have several sows that "seem" to trust me completely (that trust will NEVER be 100% reciprocated.. I will always expect the worse and plan for it) and allow piglet handling, others ... no way. I DO NOT handle any piglets without a physical separation barrier of some kind between me and the sows. If doctoring is needed, piglet is quickly and quietly removed (Ice chest or large tub). Hut piglet handling (removal of dead piglets) is done with a set of E-Z reach tongs, not irreplaceable arm and fingers.

When processing is done (castration \ vaccination), depending on circumstances, either the sow(s) is\are isolated or the piglets. (I have two old movable horse trailers set up for processing).

Group farrowing huts are set up close to jumpable fences and huts are set close enough together to allow people between them but NOT adult sows.


Last we heard from updates:

Just got off the phone with Jim and:

Deb went through surgery today and came of her induced coma fine, she was not sure what happened but knew she was inured, More surgery tomorrow. Jim is doing as well as expected and trying to keep all in order.

To answer a few questions Jim knowing you all are asking.
yes she didn't need to in the pig lot but felt compelled to clean up a couple of the dead pigs and as we all know the day to day routine gets us in a state to be a little complacent or trusting and if there is no need to worrie about the nature of our animals then we dont really think about it until its to late. The new farrowing huts didn't work so modification is being considered for the next round.

The breeds were Duroc and Berkshire, The Duroc sow was the first to attack,

Jim isn't going to make any rash decisions about the sows but he did indicate that they would be sold off or made into sausage... he is still a little pissed. But it would be Debs call.

As far as insurance they are talking to their Patient Advocate to see what what is covered and what is not and she insured them that MCV would work with them on payment... BUT... if you all wanted to send a donation it shouldn't be through Pay Pal and the church that they attend may be able to take checks, They will need it. Ill keep you all posted on where you can send the money.
Jim wanted me to thank you all for all of your support and didn't want this to get out of hand. He stated that they are farmers and with handling animals you never know what they are thinking, they are instinctive and that's ok.
Ill send updates

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Farmer hurt by sows Empty Re: Farmer hurt by sows

Post by Marie Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:02 am

That is terrible!!!

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Farmer hurt by sows Empty Re: Farmer hurt by sows

Post by amybyrd21 Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:44 pm

Here is the last update we received. Please pray for her and her husband. This has the people in the pig community all upset and putting a bad name on duroc pigs. ( I own one and she is not a bad pig just pushy but she hasnt had her babies yet either. That may make all the difference.) I just could not imagine all my pigs turning on me all at once and attacking me. (750 lbs a piece atleast) I could not jump over my fence at all and would not be able to get away from them. Junior is going to have to rethink the fencing situation. But our farrowing pen we can work with out haveing to get in there unless it is to pick up a dead or injured baby. My pigs are petted everyday and socialized very well. We have people that visit us that go straight to the pig pen before coming into the house to pet the pigs and they bring them treats.

As of Monday morning:

Deb had more surgery Sunday and came through it well She was scheduled for surgery again Monday night. They are still cleaning and debriding the wounds, removing dead or dying muscle tissue to prevent infection as those tissues are most susceptible. The prognosis in the right arm is good. The left arm, in addition to the compound fractures, severed artery and nerves, had considerable crushing damage, as is the nature of hog bites. The cuts were not clean and sharp, like a knife type cut, so the healing will take time, and require much rehabilitation and physical therapy. Prognosis for complete recovery of the use of her left hand and fingers is hopeful, but somewhat cautious. They anticipate 12 - 18 months.

Three different groups of surgeons are working with her: vascular, orthopedic and trauma. Jim is very pleased and grateful for the work of the three teams. Deb is receiving excellent treatment and care.

Jim and Deb have insurance, a 10K deductible and co-pay after (Jim wasn't sure what the co-pay is). Still, their bills will be significant. Bev Hill, of the Veggie Van, has set up an account for the Naylors at Benchmark Bank, with the following information:

Beginning June 4, donations for Deb Naylor can be accepted at any Benchmark Community Bank branch. For locations, click here:
https://www. bcbonline. com/home/ home

- or -

You can mail donations directly to:

Benchmark Community Bank
PO Box 46
Crewe, VA 23930

Please make checks out to DEB NAYLOR.

If you want to go to a branch and make a donation, please reference the following information:

Account name: Barbara A. Hill, FBO (for benefit of) Deb Naylor.

If you would like to send a card to Deb, please mail it to:

Deb Naylor
Heaven's Edge Farm
1674 Evans Mill Rd
Dillwyn, VA 23936

Please help pass this information out to those who will want to know about Deb.

I am in the process of setting up an information site on the VICFA website for updates. Please refer to the website in the future.

Thank you to everyone for your care and support of the Naylors. Jim, and Deb, are deeply grateful for the love and help they are receiving.

Thank God for community.

Posts : 1820
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Farmer hurt by sows Empty Re: Farmer hurt by sows

Post by Sponsored content

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