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Pellet Rifles, briefly

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Pellet Rifles, briefly  Empty Pellet Rifles, briefly

Post by 12acrehome on Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:04 pm

A hobby I have is hunting with so called adult air rifles (FAC Pellet Rifles for our friends across the pond) Since most of you are unaware of the difference, I'll explain using the more well known European power level.

Under 11 pounds feet of energy at the muzzle is considered a junior rifle (The communist state of Illinois uses this as well, limiting air rifles to aprox. 650 fps) Anything delivering more than 11 pounds feet of energy at the muzzle is in the adult (or FAC) class. I mention this only so everyone understands that I am not talking about your average wal-mart pump up special for 49.95. No these are the rifles that start at $200, and can be priced into the 1K plus range for full on customs.

Hunting with an air rifle, or using one for pest control has certain advantages. They are quiet, and quite capable of getting the job done. They are capable of amazing accuracy due to the typical sub-sonic velocities involved. Add to that they are very very cheap to shoot.

Due to the graphic nature of the event I have taken no pictures, but can tell you that these rifles will shoot through a squirrel, or rabbit out to 60 yards. I mean complete pass through penetration when using round nosed pellets.
As to accuracy, the level of accuracy I am trying to describe is best demonstrated with a picture. So this target was shot, along with several others, at a distance of 40 yards, or 120 feet, or 36.5 meters if you prefer.

Pellet Rifles, briefly  402021360

As to quietness, this video was shot to demonstrate just how quiet the pellet rifle can be (when properly tuned)

Note this was fired around midnight, the "camera" was my Iphone and was held in contact with the compression chamber during firing. You can see recoil is minimal, and the noise insignificant to the creatures of the night. So if you have a need for a quiet well placed shot to put an end to marauding chicken or egg thieves, consider an air rifle. You can protect your chickens without scrambling their eggs Very Happy

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Pellet Rifles, briefly  Empty Re: Pellet Rifles, briefly

Post by Rohn on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:52 pm

I have read quit a bit about these air guns and I think they are interesting. Sometime perhaps I will purchase one but at the present time $$ prevents me from doing this. I guess if I had the $$ I would probably spend it on a handgun of some sort.
It is very interesting though what can be taken with an air gun.

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