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Erinie's Sept 1 Bunker Index

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Erinie's Sept 1 Bunker Index Empty Erinie's Sept 1 Bunker Index

Post by Sonshine Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:29 am

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Sept 1 Bunker Index - FM 7-70 And You


Oh my. A BI today of 13. There were at least 4 or 5 more items that could have been added but my head was about to explode. What the heck is going on out there? This is NOT MY AMERICA!

Patriots, it's just about time to march. The president and his men have been arming drug cartels in Mexico in order to provide crime statistics that they'll then use to disarm Americans. The president and the "Congressional Black Caucus" have been moving out amongst their welfare constituents and stirring up a race war. Meanwhile, in the Southwest, Latino groups are arming themselves to take back the Southwestern states and set up a new Latino-only empire, aided and abetted by the Obama administration.

Some cracks have appeared. Col. West has threatened to resign his membership in the Black Caucus if they don't cool the anti-Tea Party rhetoric. They won't and he will, so watch for this coming down the pipe. Also, there's been some bright legal spots as well with a judge dismissing all charges against a mother who shot at police who came with CPS to take her children and a circuit court ruling that it's legal to film the police.

But these are just small bright spots of resistance. The creeping tyranny continues. Are you ready for it? There are two types of bad situations: ones that must be endured and ones that must be dealt with. There will be some of both in the coming year.

Get your beans together. Secure your households. Get your rifles and meet me at the Old North Bridge.

1. A number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus have been caught on video stirring up rhetoric against the Tea Party, claiming everything from Jim Crow-style racism to lynchings and threatening WAR. Do you think mental giants like Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee just came up with this on their own or do you think this is part of a strategy? They are coming for you.

2. Tropical Storm Katia has all of the conditions needs to ramp up to a major hurricane. Ready for another one?

3. This report from a fireman in the hurricane affected area. When the power went out, the FSA looted the convenience stores for alcohol and snacks. After 24 hours of no lights and no air conditioning, they gathered in the streets and chanted "We want power!" over and over. Some trashcans and a vehicle were lit on fire as part of the mini-riot. They sieged the fire station where the fireman was and demanded batteries and ice. After awhile they realized the fire station didn't have anything to give them and the lights began to come back on so the riot lost steam and dispersed. Now imagine what happens in a FULL SCALE emergency beyond power being lost for a day.

4. A group in Phoenix called "Nuestros Reconquistos" claims to have linked with La Raza and MechA and are urging Latinos to arm themselves for war. Their goal? To take back the Southwestern United States and establish a new Latino homeland. They believe they have enough people in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas who will be willing to successfully wage war on the United States. And the Obama administration just keeps letting more and more of them pour across the border every day.

5. Wikileaks Julian Assange has released his "doomsday" file. This was the file that he'd been holding in reserve as his last bullet against the world governments that were trying to do him in. He had said if anything bad happened to him he'd release this file. It was his insurance plan. That he is releasing it now proves that his back is up against the wall fighting the alleged "rape" charges and extradition. How his case holds up is yet to be seen considering one of the two rape claimants is MIA and the other has turned out to be a Mossad agent. No word yet on what is actually IN the Doomsday file.

Technical details: the file is z.gpg and is up on several torrents now for download.

6. Illinois is trying to send a man to prison for the rest of his life for the "crime" of recording police officers. He filmed several police officers committing an act of police brutality and was arrested when he released the footage and charged with "wiretapping". In Illinois it is LEGAL to film the police, as it is in every other state. However the police don't like it and often try to intimidate by arresting people on such flimsy charges as "resisting arrest". How do you get arrested when the only charge is resisting arrest? The Illinois man took a stand on principle and REFUSED a plea bargain that would have had him doing no jail time but would have admitted wrongdoing and set up precedent for the police to have a case when they are filmed without their knowledge. Now the state attorney is trying to throw him into jail for FOUR consecutive 15 year sentences for wiretapping. Time to make a stand, people.

7. $535 million dollars in YOUR tax money went to a solar manufacturer as "stimulus" under Obama's green jobs attempts. He has touted that company as a success story at every opportunity, but now the lie is revealed. They are bankrupt and never managed to actually get their company off the ground. They may never have even had a real product to manufacture. Perhaps it's time we find an actual businessman to be our president instead of all of these community organizers and career politicians. A kid with a lemonade stand would have done better than Obama in this circumstance.

8. For two decades now there has been an 18.4 cent per gallon Federal tax on gasoline. Now when Americans are really feeling the pinch, that gas tax provision is expiring. Hurray! No, wait a minute. Obama just asked Congress to extend the gas tax to "protect jobs". Whose jobs? Our jobs? Or oil company executive jobs? I don't know about you, but I could sure use that eighteen cents right about now. Remember when Obama said that he hoped gasoline would be eight dollars per gallon? Looks like he meant it.

9. A Florida woman has died of the SWINE FLU. Are we facing a resurgence of this?

10. Bush lawyer John Yoo wrote various legal memos that stated that the president has the power to spy on American citizens without getting a warrant or telling anyone about it. This would have seemed to have been just more Bush-Cheney shennanigans but it appears the Obama administration are big fans of those memos. Obama's DOJ has ruled that those memos are top secret and cannot be released to the public.

11. Monsanto superworms are showing up in Iowa. These are the corn rootworm that Monsanto specifically bioengineered corn that produced pesticides within its cells to kill. Only now the corn rootworm is showing up anyway and scientists have discovered that these new super rootworms are completely resistant to the bioengineered poisons. God 1, Monsanto 0.

12. You may not be able to afford a vacation but your babysitter or housekeeper soon will be in California. AB 889 is clearing all hurdles and is on a fast track for becoming law. This bill requires anyone hiring a housekeeper, nanny, or babysitter to provide workers comp benefits, rest and meal breaks, and paid vacation time. You'll have to hire a substitute babysitter to cover rest and meal breaks every 2 hours and both will now have to fill out timecards submitted to the state. I wasn't aware that there was such a powerful babysitter lobby in California. I guess that's why they call it the Nanny State!

13. The Police State in New York has become a reality. The NYPD has been working with the CIA (who had an office right in NYPD HQ) to dispatch undercover officers to monitor Muslim businesses and social groups.


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