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Post by amybyrd21 on Sun May 10, 2009 10:55 am

We are a family of 7. We have two kids at home and three step children out of the house (grown up). We homeschool, grow our own food (alot of it), raise pigs, horses, ducks, chickens, bees (just got yesterday) and guineas.
The rules of the pig forum are as follows: keep it clean, be respectful and always remember that the only stupid question is the one not asked. I will do my best to get the answers needed. If I do not know them then I will find them out for you.
We have been raising pigs for a few months. But this is not my husbands first go around. He has been around them his whole life. I jumped in over my head and climbed to the top. When we bought ours we were told they were bred two weeks tops. Two weeks after we got ours we had our first litter. Then two weeks later another. We are expecting another one by July.
Pigs stay pregnate for three months, three weeks and three days. ( We have fast pigs lol )We have a duroc, a landrace, and a yorkshire sow. Our boar is yorkshire. You can teach them to be calm when you handle their babies like we have. We can make them squeal for thirty minutes before we get the first oink out of the mothers. They are really intelligent and learn fast.
The pig diet is up to you. We are all organic. We do not feed pig punch, grower or anything with steriods or hormones. They eat corn, veggi scrapes, grass and clover. (They love clover) We are looking into worming them with DE.
Fixing baby pigs is not as difficult as I thought, but you do not have to as boar taint is suppost to have been bred out of most of them by now and only 75% of the population can taste it. We fix ours for the customers. The only thing I can add to this is the eairler the better. pig pig

Pigs are a joy to have and are alot of fun. I hope you will learn alot here and I will learn as we go to.

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