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Post by amybyrd21 on Mon May 25, 2009 10:43 pm

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This is a picture of the entrance of the hive. These are guard bees. They protect the hive. There is atleast two at all times. I have watched them ball up on a bee from another hive and sufficate him. They roll around in a perfect ball and keep it in the middle. When they are done they have a limp bee left. If you walk to close to the hive to take pictures (no never would I do that lol) They buzz your face. If my camera would have behaved yesterday I would have had a great picture of one on the lense of the camera. He was buzzing away at the camera lense telling it to go away. They also do not like dark colors or the smell of onions. Junior read about the dark colors making them mad. We were told about the onion and have never found it written down any where.If the hive is strong they even take care of the little ants trying to steal hney. So all they have to worry bout is a Wesley trying to steal the honey. He can't wait until we get some. That s his favorite food right now besides mushrooms.

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