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What a Blessing.

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What a Blessing.  Empty What a Blessing.

Post by Farmfresh on Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:13 pm

As so many of you know this has been a very turbulent time in my life and the lives of the rest of my family members as well. What it has done is to open my eyes yet again to the true magnificence that is our God.

With my daughter's medical issues it has been so comforting to be able to rest in the protection of the Lord. To be able to totally trust that He has a plan that will be for our ultimate good. That He really loves us. That even the little things never escape His eye.

What a blessing to be able to teach my grandson about the God that loves Him. To show a child how to rest in the blessings of the Father. To demonstrate how a prayer can ease worry and calm the soul. To be able to trust that even in bad circumstances God will protect that which is precious. To know that God's plan for this child's future will not be altered by human failures and bad judgement on the part of a human court.

My father is dying unsaved. That is a painful thing, yet I am thankful that God has given us free choice. My dad seems to have chosen to reject God and all that he has to offer throughout his lifetime, instead he chose to follow his own personal will. It is painful, but just that God then is giving my dad the right to spend eternity as he willed as well.

I woke up this morning and rolled over against my sleeping husband. What a miracle. I have a husband that asked me - no drilled me - about my religious beliefs on the first date. I was a very new Christian and actually afraid to admit it, but made a split second choice to profess to this guy taking me out for the first time. What a relief when I passed his little test and he said that he would now be considering that second date. What kind of person was this that a little something like religious beliefs would decide his dating choices? He was (and is) like nothing I have ever met before. What a blessing that my husband has always been such a strong believer. Having a husband who is truly a soul mate and always having Christ to care for our souls... what a difference that has always made to our family. I have three children that are believers because of the unity in Christ that my husband and I have had.

As I rolled over this morning tears came to my eyes. How thankful I am. God has given us some pretty amazing gifts in this life and some astounding promises for the future. I will NEVER lose my husband. Or my children. We may be separated at some point for a few human years, but what a brief spark compared to the eternity that we will spend together in the privileged position of worshiping our God Most High.

What a gift. What freedom. What blessing. Amen.

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What a Blessing.  Empty Re: What a Blessing.

Post by PATRICE IN IL on Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:31 pm

I'm thankful for ALL the Blessing bestowed upon us from our Lord and Savior! Smile

Hugs to you my dear friend as you face the end of your father's life, deal with your daughter's illness, your own health issues and while you help raise with your sweet grandson.

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