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Birds are laying!!!!!

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Birds are laying!!!!! Empty Birds are laying!!!!!

Post by Mississippi Momma on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:08 pm

Our chickens that we bought last spring are laying as well as the older hens. We have around 30 Auracanas/Americanas and Buttercups. We're getting between 12 and 15 eggs a day. I'm happy with that this deep into winter. We're sure not having to buy eggs and that's great to me.

The ducks are laying again also. They have a nest full that I'm going to leave them there for a few days to see if one may set on them. If not I will discard them and start picking up the duck eggs every day too.

The geese aren't laying but then again I may have two ganders. I don't know their sex yet. I keep hoping that there's a goose and a gander but if I have two of the same sex I'm going to see if my neighbor (I bought the goslings from him) will trade me a goose or a gander. Whichever I need.

The turkeys aren't laying either. We have three hens and two toms. One of the toms is becoming agressive toward the other. We may have to seperate them. One of the toms is a light brown and the other (larger) is white. I really like the coloring of the brown one so he is my choice to keep but I'm afraid to get rid/butcher the other in case we have a wild animal attack and I lose the brown tom. I want to raise some turkeys this spring to go into our freezer.

The guineas aren't laying yet either. I only have two guineas. I hope to raise some and sell them too.

I'm excited to see the chicken and ducks start laying. I would love to hatch some of all the birds for our own use (to eat) and to sell to help pay for feeding them.

This is what raising animals is all about as far as I'm concerned. Very Happy

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Mississippi Momma
Mississippi Momma

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Birds are laying!!!!! Empty Re: Birds are laying!!!!!

Post by Sonshine on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:42 pm

One of the things I like about our buff orpingtons is that they lay year round. They usually slow down a little in the winter, but usually not by much. Ours have been going broody, but so far they've only hatched out 3. I guess today we'll be taking the ones that didn't hatch and remove them.

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