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Earnie's August 31 Bunker Index

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Earnie's August 31 Bunker Index Empty Earnie's August 31 Bunker Index

Post by Sonshine Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:43 am

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August 31 Bunker Index - Politically Insensitive Content


Yet another day of increasing tensions as the BI soars up to a staggering 10. I didn't even mention Tropical Storm Katia which may add more mischief in the Northeast region. While the news is going on about how Irene was a "non-event", Vermont is still apparently half underwater.

I flipped on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) yesterday briefly and got to listen to the current liberal meme. The class warfare and escalating of racial tensions has begun. Losing your home? It's racism. Don't have enough money? Racism. Have to work to support your family? Racism. The white man is keeping you down. Considering they are mostly all wealthy white liberals chanting this mantra, and considering they are all anti-gun and probably defenseless, where do they see this ending?

1. Israel and Iran are both sending warships into the Red Sea. Israel is going to prevent flotillas and pirates from crossing over the Egyptian maritime border, and Iran is going to stir up trouble.

2. In New Jersey, a special phone line has been set up by the police so schoolkids can anonymously report bullies. Yeah, I can see that'll never be abused.

3. As an update to the Operation Gunrunner scandal, the head of the ATF has been demoted, a new temporary head has been appointed, and the U.S. attorney for Arizona (Napolitano's handpicked bully boy) broke down in last week's testimony and this week resigned. Not a great week so far for the Obama administration. Hopefully the American people will not accept resignation in disgrace as suitable punishment. This was an act of treason and should be punished accordingly.

4. Ahead of the Paliestinian push for UN recognition of statehood vote in September, the Israeli military is training Jewish settlers in the West Bank in the use of tear gas and stun grenades. The expectation is that demonstrators will take to the streets in violence whether or not the vote before the UN is successful.

5. In San Diego, a pair of 16 year old boys were amusing themselves by throwing rocks at passing cars. When a black Toyota RAV4 drove by they pelted it with rocks and a passenger in the car retaliated by shooting one of the boys with a crossbow. The kid was taken to the hospital and is injury wasn't life threatening. Nobody was arrested.

6. The family that loots together stays together. The Gonzalez family in LA went in to a Sears and helped themselves to about $550 worth of shoes and cologne. The husband and wife along with their 2 teenage daughters were arrested outside the store and all four were charged with shoplifting.

7. August has been the deadliest month for the USA in Afghanistan on record. Even in the invasion and the subsequent ousting of the Taliban we never lost that many soldiers. What pushed the new record out there was when insurgents shot down a Chinook and killed 30 Americans, mostly Navy SEALs. That circumstance has never been properly explained.

8. Facing foreclosure like many more Americans, a Minnesota man ran away from home and abandoned his 11 year old son, instructing the boy to take his Playstation and go live with the neighbors. Expect more strange things like this as people are stretched to the breaking point and can't figure out where to turn.

9. A small Italian town mayor was unhappy with some of the austerity plans the national government is putting in place in the face of the European debt crisis. Instead of cutting costs he decided on a radical course of action. He has withdrawn his small town from the nation of Italy and is wanting it to become an independent state under its own monarch (him, of course). They have begun printing their own currency and are using it within the town, mostly to buy liquor.

10. Muslims rioted in a New York amusement park yesterday when safety officials at the amusement park tried to enforce their safety regulations that require all passengers on rides to remove their hats and headgear, including Muslim headscarves for women. The riot consisted of between 30-40 people and police from 9 agencies responded after county police sought aid in responding. ALL of the rioters were released by Tuesday night.


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