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Miniture Chocolates

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Miniture Chocolates Empty Miniture Chocolates

Post by amybyrd21 on Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:31 am

Miniture Chocolates
3 Pounds Icing Sugar
1 Can Eagle Brand sweetened
Evaporated Milk
Butter or Margarine
Parafin Wax (Parawax)
Semi−sweet Baking Chocolate
Food Coloring
Artifical Food Flavors
The above ingredients are approximate quantities only!!! For every cup of
icing sugar you use, mix in approximately 1 teaspoon of softened butter or
margarine. Then slowly mix in enough of the evaporated milk to make the
mixture of a consistency such that you can form a ball with it. (Mixing with
the hands is the easiest way). Next seperate the mixture into as many parts
(3 or 4) as you want different flavored chocolates. Then slowly knead in the
desired flavoring and food color you want in each different part. Now mold
the resultant mixture into the desired shapes and sizes you want your
chocolates to be. Now melt in a double boiler (or microwave) two parts
semi−sweet chocolate to one part parawax. Remove from heat. Immediately,
using a tooth pick, pick up each shape created above and dip it into the
chocolate mixture to coat them. Then put them on a piece of wax paper until
the chocolate coating is set. As the chocolate mixture cools and thickens,
reheat it and continue. If you run out of chocolate mixture, simply add more
chocolate and parawax in the proportions listed above.
Note: Suggested flavors and colors: − Maple flavor with no coloring − Mint
flavor with green coloring − Lemon flavor with yellow coloring − Orange
flavor with orange coloring − Almond Flavoring with red coloring (small
amount to create pink)
Variations: − With the Maple flavoring, you can bury a piece of pecan or
walnut inside the candy before dipping it into the chocolate − With the
almond flavoring, bury a marachino cherry inside the candy before dipping it
in the chocolate. Add a drop of cherry juice with it to prevent the cherry
being too dry. − Use the same recipe to make Easter eggs, bunnies etc. Ex.
For Easter eggs, make a center part of one color and flavor and wrap it in
another color and flavor before dipping.
Note: Parawax must be used with the chocolate to create a consistency that
will stick to your candy and not your fingers when set. It is not harmful
and is used commercially.

Amy Byrd
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