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Pre-Wrath Rapturism Empty Pre-Wrath Rapturism

Post by Sonshine on Mon May 25, 2009 10:54 pm

I believe what the Bible clearly teaches is what has been called the Pre-Wrath rapture of the church. It is based on a literal, common sense interpretation of the Bible. This view believes:

The Day of the Lord is called the wrath of God.
The Day of the Lord starts sometime in the second half of the 7 year period.
Since the Church is not destined for God's wrath, the Rapture of the Church occurs immediately prior to the Day of the Lord.
The Pre-Wrath position is not a new position of the Church. The only thing that is new is the name. The view that the church would see antichrist and be removed prior to God's judgment, was without question, the view of the early church fathers (I will give you quotes at the end of this study to prove that).

As we go through this study, we will build, what I believe, is an indestructible case for Pre-Wrath rapturism. We are going to start with basic definitions which are essential for us to understand, and then we will look at specific texts which speak of the chronology of end-time events. And finally, we will finish up with specific arguments that Pre-tribbers use to build their case. It will be a very methodical and somewhat tedious approach, but when we are done, if you can't say I'm right, at least I hope you'll say that this view is credible and should be taken as a distinct possibility.

As we move into the biblical evidence, I will bombard you with many terms (some of which may be new to you). We will look at many passages of scripture in a short period of time. Even though we will cover alot of material--right from the start, I want to give you the key question that will unlock the door as to which rapture view is correct. If you are sincere about learning the truth, and you can answer this question, then the rest will fall in line perfectly. That question is very simple: When does the Day of the Lord begin? Mark that down. When does the Day of the Lord begin? Answer that question, and the pieces of this puzzle fit together perfectly.

More on that later.

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