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Prepare for 2010 and Tyranny

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Prepare for 2010 and Tyranny

Post by Sonshine on Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:38 am

Sent to me by a brother in the Lord:

Prepare for 2010 and Tyranny
By Eugene W. Gross, 14 December 2009

First, I must apologize for not writing sooner. I damaged my wrist earlier in the Fall. In fact, I tried very hard to dislocate and/or break some bones in my wrist, but failed – thanks be to God for that. Still I had to wear a brace. I’m no longer wearing the brace, but I still have the lump and the ache in the wrist. Not enough of an ache to hamper me now, but just enough to let me know that I need to be more careful to avoid falling again. Past a certain age, you just don’t bounce as you did as a kid. <GRIN>

Okay, I want to make all of you aware of the dangers we face next year. As I’m sure most of you know, the Progressives (socialists/communists/fascists all) are in charge and driving hard to install all of the legislation, laws, codes, etc., that will enable them to turn America into their idea of a paradise. More, they want to implement global governance such that NO nation on earth will be able to remain sovereign and not under the influence of the global government.

Think back to the Presidential campaign of last year. You will recall that then-candidate Obama made the statement that he and his supporters were only so many days from fundamentally changing America forever. Now, I’m sure that many thought he was speaking metaphorically. However, others were well aware, as your author was, that he was speaking about ending the Constitutional Republic forever. Obama and his circle do not believe in nor do they support the Constitution or the Republic.

Take these facts into consideration:

· Obama refuses to allow, “Hail to the Chief” to be played when he enters into a room or walks to the podium before the military. However, this has been a standard for as long as I remember in honor of the office and not the person. The song is color blind, but Obama proclaims it to be a “white man’s song.” He fails to understand just how important he is to the Republic as the Commander and Chief – note that he is Chief as well as commander of the military of the United States.

· Obama refuses to salute the flag of the United States. He may have given a nice speech at Fort Hood, but he refused to salute the flag that same day. He held his hands clasped in front of him in what we often call the “crotch-salute.” He has no respect for the flag of the Republic, and worse, he showed considerable disrespect for the servicemen, both dead and alive. Bank on the fact that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have taken note of these events.

· Obama has more than once stated that the Constitution is flawed – he may have used different words, but that is essentially, what he has said. No matter what words are used, when one castigates the Constitution that provides for this Republic and preserves the liberties and freedoms of the people and the sovereign States one is showing not merely disrespect for the Constitution and the Republic but also a hatred of the same.

But, it isn’t just Obama that we have to deal with! We also have to deal with the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid, and their henchmen in the House and Senate. Consider how the responded to the “Tea Party” gatherings and the strong confrontations at the various Town Hall meetings this year. They called the people involved Nazis, “astro-turf,” rednecks, Republican plants, and worse (in private, I’m sure). Pelosi even went so far as to declare that she was afraid that the Tea Party people would turn violent trying to compare them to the acid-head freaks of the late-60s and into the 70s when the communists started political shenanigans that ended in riots and the rise of the neo-Progressive movement that spawned people like Obama, Pelosi, Waxman, and most of the members of Obama’s Cabinet and his bevy of “czars.”

This leads me to the meat of this posting – the Progressives’ plans to implement martial law and tyranny.

I have maintained for the last 8 months, at least, that the Progressives cannot allow the 2010 elections to take place normally. They are not stupid and we make a major mistake thinking that they are. Folks, you do not arrive at the level of power and authority and wealth that Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the others (Hoyer, Waxman, Frank, Kerry, all of the Kennedys, Byrd, West, Specter, Collins, Snowe, etc.) have achieved by being stupid or slow-witted. I was heavily involved in politics back East before I moved to Idaho some 10 years ago. I know what these people are capable of doing to or for others. Right now, they want to do to us – patriots.

These politicians are not ignorant of what is going on in the heartland and the hinterland of this nation. They see it, and they see how widespread the anger and dissatisfaction is with them and their agenda. They also fear us enough to know that they must do something or lose their cushy jobs in Washington, D.C.

After Pelosi’s little speech about how she feared the “words” and the passion of the Tea Party members, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just happened to start sending grants to local police departments to help them purchase military-style sonic “cannons.” These cannons, known as Long Range Acoustical Devices, or LRADs, cause excruciating pain in the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the sonic beam. Not even earplugs will prevent this pain. This pain deafens the victims and causes them to flee in order to escape the pain. This device has been used by our military in Iraq with great success at breaking up mobs and riots.

DHS is also helping local police departments developing their SWAT capabilities. Some departments for the very first time, and for others, to beef up their SWAT teams capabilities with more military-style equipment. Will training soon start with Special Forces’ Task Force 6? Will the Obama Administration implement Obama’s Civilian Defense Force plan and arm them with all manner of modern arms and equipment that even our military does not have yet? Will the Delta Teams be called on to assist in taking out dangerous “radicals” as they did at Waco? If you ever watch one of the Waco videos, when they show you the tanks coming around the back side of the buildings, you will see bright flashes of light off to the side of the tanks. Those are Delta Team members assisting the FBI – it is a technique that we developed to allow elite troopers to ride into an “enemy-rich” target area and engage them without giving away our troops. At whom were they firing? Who do you think killed all of those women and children?

I’m afraid that most Americans really do not know what their government is capable of doing to them. They also are not aware of just how willing the government is to do unto them, the citizens.

More attacks on our freedoms are underway. The fedgov is poised to involve itself in yard sales, flea markets, and any individual selling used goods (no matter what those goods are). The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is issuing a rule-book on the sale of used items. If you sell anything, you could easily face of up to $100,000 per infraction and up to $15,000,000 for a related series of infractions. In California, 8-year-old Daniela Earnest of Tulare was ordered to shut down her lemonade stand by the city council.

More and more fedgov agencies are getting the right to carry and to enforce “laws.” For example, environmental extremists have been given this power. These insane “greenies” are now fining and arresting American citizens for the least little infraction, real or imagined. They are going after stores that don’t redeem cans and bottles immediately. They are checking the length of fish in markets and arresting the merchants if the fish is too small. They are even stopping truck drivers whose truck is spewing out “too much” smoke.

I don’t know how many of you take nutritional supplements or herbals, but you need to be aware that while our Congress has not decided to go with the global Codex, our FDA will begin enforcing elements of that Codex next year. You may soon find that you are no longer able to purchase the supplements and herbals you once did. Your health will suffer, but the fedgov knows better. At the same time, if Obama and the Progressives in Congress get their way, you will be forced into buying health insurance, even if you do not want to buy it.

Speaking of the health care plan, you realize that once the Progressives get control over the health care industry all of us will face a reduction in the quality and quantity of care. Nothing in the health care plans of either house contains anything that will help to expand the number of doctors, nurses, technicians, physician’s assistants, or nurse practitioners. So, you will have more people enrolled in some form of health care, but fewer personnel and resources available to one and all. The ones who will take it on the chin hardest are the seniors and disabled vets.

In the shadows, creeping around the edges of our reality, is a monster! It is hyper-inflation that could easily destroy this nation. The Federal Reserve is still printing currency as if there was no tomorrow. Every “dollar” that they print dilutes all of the other “dollars” in existence. Make no mistake about this – Bernanke, Geithner, and others know that this will create inflation, and possibly hyper-inflation. Still, they continue to print the currency and ignore the cries of those who demand fiscal and economic responsibility.

At the same time, these same people are telling us that things are improving. They point to the Stock Market, which is currently rising. What they aren’t telling anyone is that the fundamentals to support the rise in the market are not there! That is, the Stock Market is rising based only on the idea that things are getting better. We are told that the unemployment rate is dropping down from the official number of 10.8 percent to 10 percent. However, if we include all of those people who are still looking after a year (the fedgov drops all those who have been unemployed for a year or more from the official number so that the number looks better), those who are under-employed, those who are holding down two or more part-time or full-time jobs (each job is counted as one person, so if all I could find were a burger flipping job at McDonalds and stocking shelves at K-Mart, both part-time, that would be counted as two jobs), and those who have become discouraged and quit looking, the actual number would be around 22-23 percent unemployment. Often, jobs are sent overseas and thus highly skilled and trained Americans are not able to find comparable work. For example, many programming jobs have now gone to India where they have excellent programmers who work for a pittance compared to American programmers.

We are also told that we should ignore the rise in the price of gold. Granted, in the last month it has begun to drop, but when you see gold rising, major investors getting out of the Stock Market, and yet the Stock Market rising, buy gold and silver – or at least the poor man’s silver, nickels in bricks or half-bricks from the bank. Buy the gold and silver from a coin dealer that you trust. The best way to do that is to go to several coin dealers in your area and price new silver dollars and one-ounce silver bullion coins. Find out who offers the best deals. The one thing you do want to be careful about is when the dealer asks for your address and phone number. Do not let him, or her, convince you that such information is required by the fedgov. It isn’t – not yet, anyway. The Lakota Indian Bank (a private bank run by the Lakota tribe) is printing and selling beautiful one-ounce silver coins. I don’t have their address, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Also, I discovered that our local jeweler is selling one-ounce silver coins for just over $25.

Keep this in mind – silver is more rare than gold. Yet, the price of silver still remains down compared to gold. That will not last forever. I expect the price of silver to finally catch up with its rarity.

To sum everything up: we are confronted by some very bright, but I believe very evil, persons in our government. Some have been elected. Many have been appointed or hired. They are not ignorant of the growing opposition to their agenda and plans. They are slowly taking steps to make as many Americans criminals as they can by passing laws or writing code and rules that will criminalize things that we have always taken for granted – such as having yard sales or selling a used “anything.” Imagine what they are going to do about people who sell their firearms privately to others.

They are arming the local police departments and preparing them to act as if they were a military unit and not a civilian organization charged with keeping the public safe from evil-doers.

What will it take to cause the fedgov to implement martial law? I submit to you that it won’t take much come the late-Spring or early-Summer of 2010. In fact, I would not be at all surprised if something did happen – another terrorist attack or the attempted (or accomplished) assassination of someone important (a leader of Congress or maybe someone higher up??). If that happens, expect the worst. The time is now to start preparing, folks. I’ll write more on this later.

For now, keep in mind, however, that God is not surprised by what is happening and what will happen. He is still very much in control. He won’t allow the enemy to go too far in attacking the faithful. So, saints, keep in mind who you serve and who has promised to care for you. We will stand as bright lights in the days to come. As the world grows darker, we will shine brighter. Of course, this will draw the enemy toward us to try to put out the Light, but the enemy can ‘t. Like I’ve said so many times before – I’ve read the end of the Book and we win, folks!

En agape to Iesou,


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but from idle pursuits a man has his fill of poverty
Proverbs 28:19[b]

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Re: Prepare for 2010 and Tyranny

Post by 7dawn on Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:19 am

I have not had time to watch the news or anything, but I know Gene knows what he is talking about. Pay attention folks!


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